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Source Notes #4 (Journalistic)

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Source Notes

Summary: This article explains a House bill that is being reviewed that would make it harder for employers to hire illegal immigrants.

Topic: Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?

Category: Journalistic

What is it? An L.A. Times article that covers a House bill that would crack down on employers of illegal immigrants through a web-based program that checks legal status by matching identification information (social security #).  The web-based program is called E-Verify.

Title: Groups Aim to protect U.S. Jobs in Stimulus Bill

Publication Information: 1/31/09

Author: Anna Gorman

Location: Click Here

Accessed: 1/31/09

Support: Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, E-Verify, Tyler Moran of the National Immigration Law Center, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Angelo Amador. NumbersUSA head Roy Beck, Sonia Ramirez of AFL-CIO.

Many of the sources were in favor of the House Bill.  The intention is to keep illegal workers from taking American Jobs.  The bill takes a step in the right direction.  Sonia Ramirez is against the House bill due to a flaw that which she says misclassifies U.S. citizens.  She thinks the bill needs further reform before implementation.

Source Analysis:  The L.A. Times is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles.  It’s the second largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States according to wikipedia.

Usefulness:  This is an important source because it covers a current House bill that would regulate the hiring of illegal immigrants.  The bill is under review and the Obama administration pushed the date back to May to allow for further review.  Both sides provide what seem to be valid opinions on the issue.  Further research should provide helpful to the topic.

Works cited: L.A. Times, wikipedia,,0,5323534.story

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