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Source Notes #5 (Journalistic)

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Source Notes

Summary: This article describes trends in recent immigration numbers coming from Mexico into the United States.

Topic:  Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?
Category: Journalistic
What is it? An article published in the NY Daily News that describes immigration activity from Mexico into the United States.  The findings show that immigration from Mexico drastically decreased in the last two years amid tough economic times in the U.S.

Title: Mexican Emigration dropped 42 Percent in Two Years
Publication Information:  Nov. 21, 2008
Author: Associated Press
Location: click here
Accessed: 1/31/09

Support: National Statistics and Geography Institute, Victor Clark-the director of the Tijuana-based Binational Center for Human Rights, U.S. Border Patrol, Rodolpho Rubio-an investigator with the School of the Northern Frontier–a Mexican think tank, 2006-2008 National Survey of Occupation and Employment

Victor Clark works in Tijuana with illegal migrants and is a valid source considering he overseas the pattern of migration on a continual basis.  The United States Border Patrol reported a 39 percent drop in captures of migrants attempting to cross the U.S. border illegally.  Rodolpho Rubio believes the weakened U.S. economy makes the U.S. a less desirable destination.  He feels that when the U.S. economy is strengthened once again,  the illegal migration rate will also increase.

Source Analysis:
The NY Daily News is the fifth most widely circulated newspaper in the U.S according to wikipedia.  It was founded in 1919.

This article is important because it provides facts about immigration rates and the reason for the decrease in illegal immigrants.  A weak economy plays a key role in keeping the borders more secure.  The economic downturn has caused employers to make cuts and layoffs, which is not appealing to people looking to improve his/her life through the “opportunity” of the United States of America.

Works cited:
NY Daily News, Wikipedia

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