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Source Note #8 (Citizen, Interview)

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Title: Interview with 2008 University of Oregon, Business Administration graduate, Jason Waters

Summary: Jason graduated from the University of Oregon in 2008.  He majored in Business Administration.  Jason currently works as a Territory Sales Representative for Southern Wine Spirits West.  I wanted to ask Jason his thoughts about controlling immigration and about his educational background in the administrative processes at the university level.  I wanted to know if there were courses taught learning about the specific details of the hiring process.

Topic: Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?

Category: Citizen

What is it? Interview with Business Administration graduate.
Author: Jason Waters
Location: phone, 3/1/09
Accessed: 3/1/09

Support: E-Verify, IMAGE,

The majority of the conversation was centered around these two government funded programs, E-Verify and IMAGE.

Audience and Agenda:
Jason Waters hopes to own his own business someday.  He majored in Business Administration with a minor in Economics at the University of Oregon.

This was a very useful source because Mr. Waters had some great ideas about the programs E-Verify and IMAGE, two programs that the government is pushing toward implementing.  He was slightly familiar with E-Verify, but he had never heard of the IMAGE program.  He said that employers don’t want to deal with extra training for fraudulent documents.  He brought up the point that the ideas of IMAGE program could be taught at the college level before the business owners and managers get into the business world.  Instead of funding programs that require the use of E-Verify, why not offer specialized training for identifying fraudulent documents at the college level.  No employer wants to deal with a program that could interfere with business operation, and with the error return rate of E-Verify, the IMAGE program poses as a burden.

Works cited:
Jackson Mehl, Jason Waters

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