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Source Notes #10 (Institutional)

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Green Card Through Employment

Title: Green Card Through Employment

Summary: This website ( provides the necessary forms and documents to help immigrants through the process of becoming residents. The U.S. immigration Support Organization is non-profit and dedicated to helping immigrants through the U.S. immigration system.

Topic: Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?

Category: Institutional

What is it? This website provides the three step process of applying for a green card through employment.  Obtaining a green card through employment is the most common way for an immigrant to be granted permanent residence in the U.S.

Publication Information: Immigration Support 2009
Location: Green Card Through Employment,
Accessed: 2/10/09

Support: Labor Certification, Green Card Employment Petition (Form I-140), Green Card Employment Application
The green card for employment is a three-step process. First the Labor Certification needs to be submitted by an employer that proves that there are no qualified American citizens suitable for the job being offered.  Form I-140 also must be filed by the employer on the behalf of the immigrant.  Finally the green card employment application needs to also be submitted.

Audience and Agenda:
According to, reaches 295,000 people a month and it’s mostly dominated by an Hispanic and Asian crowd.  The goal of the of the immigration support website is to provide people with the information on how to work through the U.S. immigration process to obtain residency. U.S. Immigration Support is a division of U.S. Publishers Inc, who is a leading publisher of legal books and immigration guides.

This web page is important for my studies because it lays out the process of obtaining a green card and what is needed to gain permanent residency.  The more I research, the more complex the immigration issue seems to be.  There are many documentation forms for both employers and immigrants that must be filed to work through the U.S. immigration process. This web page provides more information about how that is carried out.

Works cited:
U.S. Immigration Support, U.S. department of Labor-employment and training administration, U.S. Visa Pro-Immigration and Nationality Law

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