Shane Falco

Audio slideshow reflection…

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2009 at 3:42 am

This assignment went much better than previous assignments.  I had an interesting person who had an interesting story.  I think that made all the difference.  The person I interviewed was not nervous about the audio recorder.  He has a lot experience with the media, and MLB requires media training for all new players in the league.  The players learn how to appropriately answer questions, so that they don’t embarrass themselves by saying the wrong thing.  Most of his answers were clear and concise, which made my job editing the audio track easy.  I focused my slide show around his daily routine involving his commitment to his off-season baseball schedule.  I had him talk about his professional experience and what the future holds for him. I used Final Cut Pro editing the slide show.  I used this program because I’m comfortable using the software and I like the layout.  I had some issues with florescent lights in my photos.  A lot of the indoor photos didn’t look very professional because of the fluorescent lights, so I turned all my pictures into black and white.  This made a big difference as it corrected some of the ugliness.  Other than that, I am happy with the way everything turned out.


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