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Source Notes #24 (Citizen, Multimedia)

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Title: Immigration Documentary-Out of the Shadows

Summary: A short student made documentary video that gathers interviews of people regarding the topic of immigration and assimilation.

Topic: Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?

Category: Citizen

What is it? A posted video on that covers the current topic of immigration in the U.S.

Publication Information: Aug.3, 2007
Author: David Garcia Rojano
Accessed: 3/7/09

Support: Series of people interviewed in documentary (names not included)

The last man interviewed walking down the street, offers some good insight to the problem and possible solution.  He says that Americans are part of the problem.  He says that if the employers don’t hire, then the immigrants won’t came to the U.S.  He says people are working hard, paying taxes, and deserve the right to live out of the shadows.

The opposing views is that the immigrants don’t want to assimilate, and they come to the U.S. illegally.

Audience and Agenda:
The video was posted on youtube.  David Garcia produced the video at the University of Texas at Arlington.  According to, youtube reaches 80.6 million people a month, ranking it #5 of most popular websites.   The University of Texas at Arlington was founded in 1895, and is a private, liberal arts institution with nearly 25,000 students.

This is a useful video because it provides evidence that there is no correct method in dealing with immigration.  If employers don’t hire illegal immigrants, then the immigrants will not come to the U.S. This is true, but there is no way to control that.  Employers are given fake documents by the illegals.  Employers are not experts in filtering out fraudulent documents.  They cannot be held accountable.  The Department of Homeland security could possibly provide employer training through the IMAGE program, but not require the enrollment in the E-Verify program.  This would train employers to identify fake documents, without the burden of dealing with the error rates of E-Verify.

Works cited:
Google, Quantcast, Youtube, IMAGE, University of Texas at Arlington

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