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Source Notes #25 (Citizen, Image)

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Title: Chicago Immigration Reform Protest-HR4437

Summary: This is an image posted on a flickr account that expresses a pro-immigration stance from a rally in Chicago.  There is an idea that immigrants use up American social services when they don’t pay taxes.  The truth is that immigrants do pay taxes and cannot claim social services because they are not legal citizens.

Topic: Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?

Category: Citizen

What is it? Image of a flickr account.
Publication Information: May 1, 2006
Accessed: 3/7/09

Support: HR4437

HR4437 was a congress passed bill in 2005, which made it a felony for those who assist or employ illegal immigrants.  This protest rally in Chicago on May 1st, 2006, drew nearly 300,000 people taking a stance against the bill.

Audience and Agenda:
The image was posted on flickr. Flickr is an online photo posting and sharing website.  Its an easy way for people to organize his/her photos and to allow web surfers to check the photos out.  According tho, nearly 24.1 million people visit flcikr a month, ranking it #29 in the most viewed website category.

This is a useful image because it speaks out against HR4437.  There is problem with targeting employers who hire illegal immigrants and making it a felony offense.  Often, the illegal immigrants maintain fraudulent identification documents.  Should the U.S. government assume that employers are going to be experts in identifying these?  It’s hard to hold an employer accountable if they were provided fake I.D. documents during the hiring process.  Even if an employer did knowingly hire an illegal immigrant, it would be hard to prove that in a court of law. The governments mediocre solution so far has been E-Verify, which is not the fix because of the high error return rate.

Works cited:
Google images, Flickr, Wikipedia, Quantcast

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