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Source Notes #27 (Institutional, Multimedia)

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Title: A Taste of Real American Justice for Sheriff Arpaio

Summary: A multimedia video put out by America’s Voice on a blog that seeks justice for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has been making arrests based on color of skin.  His idea is that if they look Mexican, then they are illegal and guilty until proven innocent.

Topic: Should employers be held accountable by the Department of Homeland Security for hiring illegal immigrants?

Category: Institutional

What is it? Video posted to a blog website,
Publication Information: 3/11/09
Author: Seth Holy and America’s Voice
Accessed: 3/11/09

Support: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Joe Arpaio, Bush Administration, U.S. department of Justice
Dr. Martin Luther King is quoited in the video saying, “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.”  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is persecuting people based on the color of his/her skin.  He views anyone who looks Mexican as illegal until proven innocent.  He has lost touch with basic human rights because of the high concentration of immigrants in Arizona.  The video states that the Bush Administration encouraged Arpaio and his tactics.  America’s Voice want a petition to be sent to the Department of Justice for the removal of Arpaio from law enforcement.

Audience and Agenda: is blog project of the Immigration Policy Center.  The project was launched to develop rational conversation on immigration on a nationwide level.  The goal is to debate and work toward comprehensive  immigration reform.


This is a useful video because it shows how bad the U.S. needs comprehensive immigration reform.  If racial profiling is leading to arrests of people with dark skin, who are even legal U.S. citizens, then the system is incredibly flawed.  The idea that a dark skinned person is guilty until proven innocent is a huge human rights issue.  This video provides evidence that an “all-enforcing” immigration strategy will not help the immigration problem.  Simply cracking down on employers will not fix the problem either.  I’ve realized that a huge chunk of government funds would have to be used in order to really control immigration.  Think about the money being spent by Arizona police dealing with all the people who sheriff Arpaio is bringing into custody.

Works cited:
Google, Immigration Policy Center, American Immigration Law Foundation

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